We teach YOU to be in the 1% of the population

Surround yourself with people who want YOU to succeed

Follow successful leaders and replicate what they do

Don’t settle for a life less ordinary, live the life of your dreams

Since meeting Jason & Amy I'm now seeing deals that I never thought I'd see, multi-million dollar deals, I'm working with other students in the group, it's just phenomenal!"

Grant I.


During our year with Jason & Amy we did a 6 figure passive cashflow from our property business & we made a 7 figure sum equity uplift on our most recent project. They really exceeded our expectations!"

Belinda & Steven B.


The comfort and security of knowing that you've got Jason & Amy in your corner with their expertise, calm & considered counsel invaluable."

Dominic B.

We built our property business from very little money down and no property knowledge prior, and now have a multi-million dollar property portfolio and multiple successful businesses.  

Our passion is helping others to replicate what we do and create the freedom of lifestyle they desire!

From humble beginnings, our parents believed in paying off their own home even before the thought of investing in another property… this meant it could take years and years to move forward! So instead, we decided to learn from the very best in the property development world. Fast forward over a decade later, Think Property Club has become a leading property education club to over 100,000 people nationwide. 


We were able to:

  • Attract our dream investor clients 
  • Successfully scale our business and property deals 
  • Generate over $100,000, $300,000 and even $500,000 in deals
  • Build a portfolio of high-profile properties
  • Establish a reputable brand
  • Features and referrals to multiple businesses
  • Create and grow other businesses 


We are now at a point in our career where we want to give back and support other property enthusiasts to get financial freedom and wealth faster. We are devoted to helping you feel empowered and skilled up in property with the right systems, tools and resources you need to succeed. Pull back the curtains of secrecy and share the strategies, systems, processes and tools we’ve used to create our rewarding, profitable lifestyles.

Our philosophy is to always be authentic and real with you. We don’t hide behind a computer - we are property developers on the ground doing what you do every day.

We deal with the same challenges you face. We are constantly learning and growing our own business so we can provide you with the best hands-on learning experience with our courses that actually work and make a difference in your life, the fast track way!

Many coaches can tell you what to do, but few are doing it themselves... on a large scale. Amy and Jason teach people a system of property investing and development at a level that is hands-on, practical, simple and easy to implement. They teach you the exact system that has built a thriving 8-figure a year business, with lots of profit, and an enviable, balanced and fun lifestyle. Best of all, their giving and generous spirit with a passion to teach others how to improve their lives make this the greatest property course in the world.

I would say I am calm, detailed and the unstoppable energy force to Think Property Club. My thirst for knowledge, growth and creativity started from my early years of childhood in Hong Kong. 

My love for design and all things beautiful led me to study design at university. I worked an internship in New York City for various global brands and as a national marketing and design manager for several commercial furniture companies. I love furniture so much I even designed some very unique pieces which won several design awards at exhibitions throughout Australia. 

These skills easily translate to the property industry so well which means timelines, budgets, managing teams and problem-solving was a piece of cake. Along with my eye for design, I was able to quickly develop a system that led to vision boards, clever floorplans and styling which gave our property developments the edge they needed to take off and make us much higher profits.

We love living in Queensland with our two beautiful girls and are grateful for the time, space and joy we have together.





I’m a Leo and Virgo with a big heart so I am analytical and like to take risks.


I’m an Australian with Chinese and Mauritian heritage.


I love nature, peace, calmness and my daybed!

am the larger than life voice and visionary thinker with an eye for the big picture! I believe you make your life what you want it to be and have no limits to what you can achieve. 

Coming from a military school taught me the systems to self-discipline and teamwork from an early age. I have spent my career challenging the rules of everyday 9-5 life and what it takes to be a successful entrepreneur. Working on various businesses, I have come to know that mindset and relationships are the key aspects to success in business. I am also a born techie, so naturally computers, social media and mastering digital platforms is my forte in this growing world of technology.

A broken leg accident led me to make a massive change and propelled me to get educated in the property industry. A blessing in disguise I would call it. With an aptitude for sales and an OUT OF THE BOX mindset, I have found the property industry to be exhilarating and rewarding if you know the right steps to add value to a property.

My mission is to help others create wealth. This fuels my sense of purpose and is part of my larger vision.





I’m a Capricorn who loves to lead, motivate and create change in this world.


I am an Australian with a New Zealand and Ukrainian heritage.


I love a good coffee, the waves on the beach and time with my beautiful family.

Through our example and teachings, we inspire people to heights they never dreamed of. We want others to look at us and say “because of you, I didn’t give up”. We want our students to keep going with our support and not give up on their dream to reach the place they want to be.


The only story that matters is that our students are out there living a more fully charged life. Our story and our figures mean very little. Our students are the goal; they are our inspiration!


We aim to teach, motivate and inspire others to find their confidence and build wealth, and in turn change the lives of their family and friends.

If this is the only thing we do, we will be truly grateful for the opportunity.