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Jason had over 20 years of experience in the film & production industry as a cameraman filming Australian sporting events around the country, but he always wanted more in life. Ten years ago an opportunity came along that changed his life forever.

By chance Jason had been offered a new challenge, to film a well-known property expert on stage and not too long into filming this event the information this property mentor was teaching all started to click and make sense.

Fast track to today and Jason has project managed dozens of development sites ranging from small to large and still continues to run and operate the management of multiple multi-million dollar projects using the same system and processes he teaches his property development students.

Amy started her career with a Bachelor of Design, majoring in Industrial Design and International Marketing which lead to a 12-year career in interior design as well as her own boutique marketing agency.

Teaming up with Jason, Amy quickly learnt the insider tips from experienced property developers and started putting their new knowledge & skills into practice.

Amy's experience in design has resulted in the creation of some magnificent projects along the way.

Jason and Amy now educate new and experienced developers around Australia using their detailed systems. This blueprint has been proven over the years to help developers like you create six figure incomes from single projects all over the country. 




Jamie & Maxine H. 

“I’ve always been in business and JAMY really helped me understand that you need to treat property like a business. Having the 12 Stages of PDS, gives you a lot of detail that you follow in your own time.”


Grace S. 

“Doing this course to become a property developer, I was able to transition from a full-time worker to stay at home mum. PDS provided structure and I was able to meet the right people and do a JV with, which I am just finishing up now.”


Patrea M.

“The course is so well documented, it is step by step and you can learn in your own time online. I have some experience in doing renovations, but I wanted to learn more and move away from renos. Really well-structured course and mentors that have already been on this journey and you can replicate.”


Greg R. 

“Straight shooters and make sure you understand what to do and what NOT to do. I listened to Jason’s podcasts as everything it says makes practical sense and no BS in it. Using the 12 Stages it makes it very easy and very little hassle.”


Wayne G.

“Community: The community you have within the course you can learn a lot from, and you just need to be persistent, and you can learn from other people.”


Rebecca R. 

“Course Content: You can see how much work is put into this course and its easy to follow, the modules and stages are methodical.”



“Great! Even for just the information required to build a house.”


Take a sneak peek into the kinds of profits Jason & Amy will share with you that have generated millions in wealth using a few of these simple strategies listed below and how you can get started with $0 down!



We built our property business with very little money down and no prior property knowledge. Now we have a multi-million dollar property portfolio and multiple successful businesses. 

Our passion is helping others to replicate what we do and create the freedom of lifestyle they desire!

From humble beginnings, our parents believed in paying off their own home even before the thought of investing in another property… this meant it could take years and years to move forward! So instead, we decided to learn from the very best in the property development world. Fast forward over a decade later, Think Property Club has become a leading property education club to over 100,000 people nationwide. 

We were able to:

  • Attract our dream investor clients 
  • Successfully scale our business and property deals 
  • Generate over $100,000, $300,000 and even $500,000 in deals
  • Build a portfolio of high-profile properties
  • Establish a reputable brand
  • Features and referrals to multiple businesses
  • Create and grow other businesses